Seeds of Sovereignty: Contesting the Politics of Food



The War in Ukraine
& the Question of

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Alameda is an international institute for collective research rooted in contemporary social struggles.

mucho más temprano que tarde, se abrirán las grandes alamedas por donde pase el hombre libre para construir una sociedad mejor.

Salvador Allende

By providing opportunities for research funding, publication, and shared learning, Alameda seeks to enable intellectual production capable of steering political and theoretical debates on the critical challenges of our time. Our aim is to promote new discussions that affect both today’s society and the world we will leave to our children.

By connecting with social movements in different countries, Alameda promotes academically rigorous research that addresses issues related to the humanitarian sector around the world, critically discussing contemporary debates and understanding how they relate to current global crisis.


The Death of Humanitarianism

They called it “the 21st century arriving early”. In April 1999, the New York Times declared Kosovo a template for the new millennium. Nato’s humanitarian intervention in the Kosovo War that spring would augur a new era in which human rights would trump national sovereignty.

The European Right’s “Pro-Family” Turn Is Just Austerity in Disguise

Across Europe, the Right has taken a pronatalist turn. Despite claiming to support mothers, its initiatives — largely ineffectual, according to many studies — serve to reinforce patriarchal gender roles and protect the interests of employers.

Sudan’s lying witches

Since 2019, two separate political processes developed simultaneously in Sudan: one at the state level and the other at the grassroots. Today’s war originates in the predominance of the former over the latter.


As part of our objective of publishing strategic material on current issues, our dossiers include articles curated by different researchers in our network, which provide broad analyses focused on the theme defined by Alameda.

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