Alameda’s core activity consists of the selection, supervision, and promotion of research projects aligned with its proposition. This provides the basis for our efforts to influence the strategy of activists and organisers, as well as policy-makers.

In our allocation of research funding, we prioritise projects that, despite their possible contribution to such strategy, would not receive adequate support through conventional channels. Research fellows — those who receive funding for research — are expected to develop their projects in close contact with individuals and organisations in Alameda’s network.

Alameda only provides direct funding for research conducted by members of its network.



prioritise research projects that, though rigorous and relevant, would not receive adequate support through conventional channels.


value the quality of research, and its relevance to social struggles, over the quantity of outputs.


promote intellectual exchange within our network to establish points of contact between distinct research projects.


enable encounters between researchers and political organisations to inform future research projects.


provide supervision to research fellows to help them continuously assess the feasibility, relevance, and possible impact of their projects.

Thematic concerns_________

As a response to catastrophe, Alameda is committed to enabling research that reveals the structural causes of contemporary crisis and provides insights as to how they might be overcome. A central theme in our research programme, therefore, is transition (not least as it relates to ecology).

Other initial thematic concerns include: state and society (beyond neoliberalism); protest and political organisation; de-development and the political economy of work; internationalism and empire; subjectivity and rights.

Over time, the thematic concerns of our research programme will come to be defined through our engagement with political organisations, and in accordance with the interests and expertise of members of our network.


The limits of humanitarianism

The Limits of Humanitarianism

Politics, crisis and reform in the era of climate change​

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