A necessary response________________________

to a new predicament

At a time in which catastrophe dominates our collective political imagination, Alameda identifies the eclipse of modern utopias as a strategic problem, rather than the consequence of a conclusive historical resolution.

Alameda is a research institute that connects with social movements to understand how engaged research can respond to contemporary struggles. 

Through our network of researchers, activists, and civil society actors, we produce scientific knowledge that informs political decisions, humanitarian practices and intellectual production around the world, creating a synergy between empirical and theoretical matters.



Our global network works to build knowledge on different fronts collectively. 

At the core of our mission is a commitment to illuminating the interconnected nature of seemingly disparate issues. We understand that geopolitical events are not isolated but part of a tangle of political and economic decisions that lead to catastrophic situations, especially in the Global South Countries.

We transcend geographical boundaries by linking, for instance, the state of wars with the energy crisis in the Global North, or the humanitarian sector’s challenges with geopolitical dynamics in the West, or even the displacement issues in the Middle East with urban social movements in peripheral regions in Latin America. 

By identifying patterns and connections within the global system in crisis, Alameda builds strategies, based on both academic methods and social forces, capable of informing political and social decisions at an international level.



Through research rooted in contemporary social struggles, we seek to contribute to strategy that can provide pathways of transition – alamedas – to a new world.

Alameda's knowledge database offers a wide range of articles, videos, reports and other material produced by our network.



We connect intellectuals, activists, civil society, and organisers in our international network.


We coordinate dialogue between members of our network, social movements and political organisations.


We support engaged research informed by this dialogue, with the aim of contributing to strategic responses to critical contemporary problems.


We communicate the results of this research to different audiences and publish it in partnership with organisations and media channels.

Through its international network, Alameda promotes collaboration that can contribute to a more comprehensive and strategic analysis of large-scale social transformations.


Throughout its various research projects, publications, and events, Alameda has established robust partnerships with numerous organisations.
Our research methodology ensures that we consistently align the intellectual and scholarly merits of our projects with the demands and concerns of activists, collectives, and institutions who experience firsthand the need for new critical tools today. These diverse partnerships are a fundamental aspect of Alameda’s operations, shaping not only the material conditions for expanding and developing research but also influencing the themes and approaches our affiliate network adopts in its investigations.

The collaboration with Save The Children UK has been instrumental in shaping Alameda’s operations, providing crucial financial and institutional support. Over the year, we have strengthened our connections with the humanitarian sector through SCUK, leveraging their expertise to identify critical areas for investigating humanitarian crises and commissioning research papers on key themes for short-term responses.

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