Terms of Engagement for Associates

1. Definition of Associate

An ‘associate’ is a member of Alameda’s network who has the right to participate in its activities and propose research partnerships, but is not bound by a formal contract.

2. Terms of the association

Associates will be able to use Alameda’s structure and resources in the following ways:

  1. Use Alameda’s social networks and communication channels for promotion of work relevant to its proposition.
  2. Suggest research projects in collaboration with Alameda, to be funded externally or through partnerships
  3. Take on research funding from Alameda for new projects developed by its secretariat
  4. Take on publishing commissions from Alameda to make specific interventions in public debate.
  5. Propose activities related to publication (events, book tours, podcasts, videos, etc) and political education (summer schools, seminar series, etc) to be supported by Alameda.
  6. Seek support from Alameda’s publishing department to place research outputs with its partner outlets.
  7. Pitch to Alameda to publish through its internal channels, including its book series.
  8. Participate in Alameda’s private and public events, seminar series, etc.
  9. Connect to individuals and political organisations in Alameda’s international network, sharing research, participating in intellectual exchange, developing collaborative projects, and establishing new bases for future research.
  10. Participate in meetings to shape Alameda’s strategic direction.

3. Responsibilities

Associates are expected to promote Alameda and its work, citing their association with the institute when engaging in relevant activities (publication, speaking engagements, etc). We also hope they can offer advice to young intellectuals and activists in the network.

4. Term of association

Association with Alameda will remain valid for three years. After this, it can be renewed subject to agreement between the associate and the Alameda secretariat.

If any accusations of ill-conduct are raised against an associate, the matter will be considered by Alameda’s secretariat and, if needed, taken to Alameda’s council for a decision regarding possible removal from the network and interruption of ongoing projects. The code of conduct for Alameda is available on its website.

4. Financing

The main means of funding associates’ research projects is through partnerships with third parties. In cases where Alameda is the only source of funding for an associate’s research, it is expected that the project have clear benefits for the affiliate network – allowing for activities and funding opportunities for other researchers – and for our connection with political organisations.

Decisions on the funding of associate’s research are made directly by Alameda’s secretariat. Funding for associate research does not necessarily follow the call-for-projects cycle, nor the categories determined for the affiliate network.

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